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The Birth of Lucy, Part 5: The Afterbirth (because when I was pregnant, I always wanted to know more about this part...)

So, Lucy was finally here...but there was still work to do.

We snuggled for a few moments and then I was encouraged to try pushing the placenta. The absolute last thing I wanted to do ever in my life was push again, but I obediently attempted a few pushes while still leaning against Justin before we determined gravity was, indeed, my best friend. So, clutching my newborn child to my chest, I hoisted myself back up onto my knees and mustered one final strong push while my midwives gently tugged on the cord, and then it was over.

I delivered the placenta 12 minutes after I delivered Lucy. The tub filled with blood, my placenta was caught in a metal bowl and allowed to float next to us while it finished pulsing, and we resumed our family snuggling.

For all you expectant mamas worrying about this part, I will reiterate what was promised to me: a placenta is infinitely easier to deliver than a human baby. It is soft. It does not have bones. YOU CAN DO IT.

Justin cut the cord while I comforte…

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