bad hair day?

In what I originally perceived as a flash of brilliance, I decided to use my crazy morning routine as a method for teaching my students about time. I dug out the old Susy clock from the cabinet, turned the giant plastic minute hand until it cranked itself (dragging the hour hand along with it) to 7:00 and asked, "What time did Ms. Brown wake up this morning?"

I neglected to mention the fact that Ms. Brown's alarm actually went off at 6:30, 6:35, 6:35. and 6:58 before the final alarm kicked her out of bed with guilt for potentially waking her roommates with the repeated snooze button naps.

Fast forward to 7:55 "What time did Ms. Brown accidentally simultaneously lock herself out of her house and her car this morning?"

Slide on up to 8:00 "What time is Ms. Brown supposed to be at work?"

Crank that minute hand some more. 8:14 "What time did Ms. Brown actually arrive at work?"

The kids are cracking up at this point. They love my Amelia Bedelia-like stories. I'm enjoying their laughter too, until one girl, who shall remain nameless, raises her hand and asks (totally seriously):

"Ms. Brown, is that why your hair looks so messy?"

Leave it to the third graders to tell me the truth.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Oh, Ms. Brown, U R funny.

Your kiddo's enjoy your stories because they are so real. They can identify with you, and they like that.

Kendra said…
AHHHHH hahahahhahahhahaahaa That is soooo funny!!!!!
Amanda said…
Noah and I are cracking up at your Amelia Bedila like story as well. Yeah, kids are honest. I'd be afraid to ask my 14 year old's honest opinion of my hair. And I don't even have a good alarm clock story like you do. You are a great teacher Ms. Brown!