Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Blogger is freaking out.  Sorry for the delay...
  • I can't fall asleep without socks... and I can't stay asleep with them on.  My feet always get too hot in the middle of the night and I rip them off, causing a daily scavenger hunt for the missing sock.
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Speaking of socks, how awkward is it when you are wearing just your stocking feet and accidentally step into a wet drop in the kitchen.  I despise wet socks!  Actually, I pretty much despise being wet in any kind of clothing.
  • The "wildlife" at my new job.  Frequently I see raccoons roaming the premises and a co-worker just reported spotting 3 coyotes near her car after she left the other night.  Does pepper spray work on animals?
  • This (sorry if it grosses you out):

  • Schuyler got new glasses, and he looks way sexy (and he definitely didn't tell me to write this, ha)
  • Buying $28 worth of stuff at Target for a mere $1.10.  THANK JESUS FOR COUPONS!

  • It's almost my birthday!!!
  • Home made Mother's Day crafts:
  • Going for a haircut, flipping a coin, and deciding to do THIS:

 What do you think??


    Kendra said…
    I love it! And I too DESPISE being wet in clothes! I almost always have to change right after I give the kids a bath because they've made something on me wet and I can't STAND it!
    Carol J. Brown said…
    Looks really nice on you -- as have all your other styles.
    Angela said…
    I love your haircut Natalie!! I keep toying with the idea of cutting mine off. Summer is coming (at some point lol) and it is driving me crazy. You look wonderful :)