Awkward and Awesome Thursday

 That's right, ya'll.  At the request of a few key family members, I will continue blogging throughout lent.  Only I will not be reading blogs of non-family members, so someone please fill my place and read Joelle's Blog, check out Sydney's cute outfits on The Daybook, stalk Jamie's adorable life, pretend (like I do) that you know this couple in Africa, and cook or bake something delicious from my friend's recipe blogs
for me, mmk? 

  • Having to sleep with both a sound machine on full blast and earplugs because my upstairs neighbors are either drug dealers or nocturnal... or both.
  • Watching a girl walk towards us during church wearing a baby sling, getting really excited because I adore babies, taking a closer look and discovering (duh, duh, duh!) it was not a baby but rather a PIGLET!  Don't worry, I took a picture for proof. 
 Am I the only one having Through the Looking Glass flashbacks here?  Shortly after this picture, she let "Ruby" out to run around.  Yes, my church is awesome.
  • When you wash your hands and a little bit of water drips down your sleeve... such an icky feeling.
  • Snain (aka snow-rain).  Is it snow?  Or is it rain?  
  • The conversation I had with my roommate about the level of hypothetical damage that would occur if our sink did, indeed, flood while we slept.  (it did)
  • A mom who surprises you with no-leak travel coffee mugs - just because!
  • Uwagimaya, the Asian grocery store just a few blocks from my house
  • This picture of my friend's St. Bernard, dressed in human clothes.  WHAT?
  • Home-made pizza night with my new friends from Community Group
  • When YOU comment on my awkward and awesome blog posts with your own awkward and awesomes


Carol J. Brown said…
Thank you for deciding to continue to blog during Lent!!!

Love, Aunt Carol
Vanessa's Dad said…
It's Awkward for it to be after 4:00 p.m. and I'm still unshaven and in my morning sweats?

It's also Awesome to have work that I do out of my home. I've been working away on my phone and computer and NOBODY KNOWS! Hee Hee.

Joelle said…
I will try not to be hurt. But you'll just have a lot of catching up to do on Easter Sunday. Because maybe I'm going to write about you EVERY DAY on my blog. Torture, I know right?