I Survived

Yesterday, I stepped onto the bus at 7:10 am to go to school.

14 hours later, I stepped off the bus at 9:10 pm.

My lovely roommate Schuyler was kind enough to drive out to the bus stop (I had to take a different bus home than usual and it drops me a bit farther from our house) and pick me up so I didn't have to walk.  What a gem!

It was an excruciatingly long day, but I survived it.  Last night I felt a bit like an overstimulated child - it was so hard for me to settle my mind down long enough to sleep.

This morning, in our attempt to start out the new term right, Schuyler and I got up early to do our first Insanity Exercise.  Only, partway through the butt-kicking work out, the DVD skipped.  Wellllllll great.  Do we still get points for trying?


Carol J. Brown said…
Yes, you get points for trying. My goodness -- what a long day!