Ordinary Joy

Well, not so ordinary for me!

For the first time ever in my life, someone has requested I prepare a specific recipe of mine for them.

That's right, friends.  Schuyler totally made my day in the simplest way by asking me to prepare West African Peanut Soup.  And I didn't even pay him to do it.

Will I make this soup for him?  You betcha!  And I'll be grinning the entire time I do it, too!

P.S. Did you read this post yet?  Did you?  Did you?  Can I get an AMEN?!


Amanda said…
I'm not much of a soup fan, but I LOVE PEANUTS..you can come make the recipe for me any day too :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
I believe we can express a lot of love through food, and recipes can be wonderful ways to sharpen our gift.

I checked out the blog cite. Well done. Christians "eating their own" No going to heaven and receiving any plaque that says, "You were the most right." Excellent insights.

Thanks for sharing.