So it's the end of the term...

... and my work load is increasing at an exact inverse relation to my motivation.  Rough.

I'm so close to being done I can almost taste it.  But instead, I'd much rather be tasting the delicious food from the Panini Party I went to last night with some people from church.  Also in attendance?  THE PIG!  I confirmed that Ruby is, indeed, a house pet.  Apparently her owner has a myriad of pet allergies and pigs are hypoallergenic.  Problem solved.

Could I be smiling any bigger?
P.S. BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT to one of my BEST friends (who also happens to be my sister - am I lucky or what?  she's stuck with me for LIFE): KENDRA!


Kendra said…
Awwww..shucks! Thanks Natalie =)
Vanessa's Dad said…
U R so fun and funny.

De Colores,