Survey Says:

Only 5 people read my blog (Vanessa commented via text message rather than on here).  Well, thank you to my faithful followers who took the time to answer my most important questions!

Considering all those of you who responded are related to me, I'm wondering if this is just a family thing, but I gotta say: I'm right there with you.  Why anyone would want to go through the trouble of brushing their teeth only to later dig around between them with floss only to discover what a poor job of brushing they had just done is beyond me.  Plus, then what are you supposed to do with all the junk you fish out?  Swallow it?  Mmm no thanks. (Schuyler, I hope you are reading this because THIS IS FOR YOU)

And as for the top sheet: I am one of those people who just has to have something covering her in order to sleep properly, yet I frequently transform into the angry furnace from Home Alone in my sleep so I kick off any sort of heavy comforter/blanket.  Thus, the top sheet is a must.  I'm learning, however, that if by some bizarre series of fortunate events I actually end up getting married to Boyfriend, I will have to kiss my top sheet goodbye.  Apparently that's what happens when you're over 6 feet tall.  Lame.


Carol J. Brown said…
I'm sure you can find longer sheets -- or at least have portions added. Do NOT give up on a top sheet yet!
I read your blog. I just didn't comment.
nbrown said…
you're still family ;)