It's Pi Day!  And my brother in law's b-day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!  For someone who never had any bio-brothers growing up, my older sisters sure did a good job picking out my brothers-in-law.  I  think fake brothers are even better than the real thing! 

Since I'm not eating sweets, I will enjoy some fruit trail mix or something in your honor and maybe you can enjoy an extra something ridiculously sugary in my stead.

P.S. Isn't this the most darling family picture?  I just love them!


Joelle said…
What were you doing at 1:59 on 3/14? I was with a reading group. They know nothing about Pi, so I didn't even mention it to them. They just like to eat pie.
It IS a darling picture. We talked with Noah and he had been out for birthday dinner and is going to get to go out again with beautiful Amanda.
Yippee....The Browns have always spread birthdays out at least a week.
Carol J. Brown said…
Thanks for posting the picture. It's a great one.
Vanessa's Dad said…
I've got that photo as my new prayer aid for The Rowan's. It's precious, and so was Amanda's blog.

Kendra's supplemental birthday blog was also wonderful. Thanks again for making it happen.

Good luck to you, Vanessa, Emily & Joyce (and her kids... hee hee) during finals crunch. I empathize. I remember, but do not miss, final exams.

Ann & I read & watched "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" recently. Remember at the end, in the dining hall, one of the best parts of the celebration? Dumbledore canceled all final examinations!

So, if you want to rescue PSU from a monster Basalisk, maybe you could get finals canceled... Does that make final exams and paper a little better to swallow?

Ann baked two pumpkin pies for my BSF Fellowship meeting. Yumm. "Pi. Pi. Mathematical Pi. 3.14159.. and so on" (sung to the tune of "American Pie")