These are my (5) confessions:

1. I haven't cut/trimmed my hair since June.

2. I read facebook before the Bible some days.

3. I wear the outfit more than one day in a row... often.

4. I sometimes make lists of other lists that I need to make.  Obsessive compulsive, much?

5. I'm considering doing a challenge where I don't buy any new pieces of clothing for an entire year.  Do you think I could do it?


Carol J. Brown said…
Hmmm. Making lists of lists. However -- whatever works for you.
I just went a year without cutting it my hair! I, too, wear the same outfit more than one day in a row sometimes. And my roommate last year did that. I bet you could do it.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Of course you could go an entire year without buying any new clothes. But, why would you? There's something to be said for not buying something unless you really want/need it. But, all things in moderation.