Lent Emergency

Folks, Ash Wednesday is rapidly approaching.  As in, the start of Lent is just three days away!!

I am not Catholic, and I believe I am the only member of my family to participate in Lent, but I've been doing it every year since high school and I (oddly) look forward to this annual re-focusing and stretching of my faith.

In previous years I have given up: cheeseburgers, myspace, make-up, sweets, and all beverages except for good 'ole H20. 

This year, I'm at a loss for what to do.  Well, that's not so true.  Boyfriend gave me the most logical suggestion of giving up *gasp* blogging for lent.  This, of course, makes perfect sense given the embarrassing amount of time I spend reading and writing blogs rather than doing homework or, I don't know, reading my Bible.   But I instantly retorted with my defense that blogging is my way of staying in touch with my family.  And it is... isn't it? 

Help me out here, guys.  Am I being ridiculous?  I'm considering refraining from all blogs except those which belong to people whom I'm related to by blood.  This would certainly save time for more, ahem, "productive" activities.  But does that mean I need to stop contributing my own blog entries?  No more Awkward and Awesome Thursdays?!

Similarly, I think I will challenge myself and give up sweets again.  I've decided this only because Schuyler agreed to do it with me.  And he's not even remotely religious.

So what do you think.  To blog?  or Not to blog?  Better let me know quick or I could be gone forever.  Or at least for 40 days.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Since you asked, I'm not in favor of you giving up blogging for Lent. I don't know how much time you spend writing or reading blogs, but it seems to be something that Builds Unity and Community.

I suspect other things might be more appropriate to give up for Lent. But, this is very personal and between you and God. And, I would support whatever decision you make.

M.Anderson said…
If you do decide to go on a "Blog Fast" I recommend keeping a written journal.
Carol J. Brown said…
I hope you won't give up blogging. I really enjoy sharing your adventures, etc., via your blog.

Love, Aunt Carol
Joelle said…
Um, no. Do not give up reading blogs, writing blogs, or what have you. The point of lent is to bring you closer to God, yes, but you could pull a Pete Kelley and ADD something instead of taking something away. Like, maybe you are going to read the Bible/pray for X amount of minutes before any on-line time. I also don't think it's fair to take something away for our own selfish purposes. For example, if I decided to give up junk food, is my real motivation a desire to be closer to the Lord? Or do I secretly hope that I will lose a few pounds because of it? If you are going to pick something to give up, give up something that you know will drive you on edge and to Jesus. For example, if I had to give up complaining about my job for 40 days and only say positive things....well, that would be VERY hard for me. Also, I am sort of a fan of 40 Bags in 40 Days, where you are supposed to clean out your stuff and get rid of crap. You might say, but isn't that because you just want a clean house? Well, I think that parting with stuff would put me on edge for sure and help me to realize that God is enough. Aren't you glad I don't comment more often? Love you.
nbrown said…

I get what you're saying. But even if your initial motivations are a bit selfish, agreeing to part with something you love and then STICKING WITH IT for 40 days is tough. Trust me. I've done it. And the purpose of giving up the blog reading time is to allow more time TO read the Bible and pray, so it's kind of like sacrificing-to-add. :)

I love that you commented. Made my day!