Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Stubbing your toes in an attempt to be productive while brushing your teeth.  Multi-tasking is apparently not my thing.
  • Being on your period when your only roommate is a boy.  No sympathy, I tell ya.
  • Celebrating someone's death.  Yes, Osama Bin Laden was an evil man, there's no doubt about it.  But I feel a strange sense of trepidation about the whole thing.
  • This commercial:

  • The nearly nonverbal game of musical chairs I play every Monday while riding the bus.  Example: When I first got on the bus, I sat on the aisle side.  I proceeded to pull out my text book and started reading, but I was keenly aware when the woman next to me began fidgeting with her bags.  Instinctively, I knew this meant her stop was coming up so I prepared myself to do the awkward shuffle into the overcrowded aisle while she got out, followed by a scooting of all my things into the seat near the window.  
          Shortly after a man joined me in the now empty aisle seat.  I was reading again, but when we reached the stop before mine, I began putting my things away.  He, of course, interpreted my nonverbals and asked, "Is this your stop?"  I replied, "No, it's the next one.  It's not for quite a while."  (Seriously, 4 intersections at 7:40 am in downtown Portland really does take awhile).  He either didn't hear me or chose not to because before I knew it, he was doing the awkward shuffle into the aisle.  So of course I had to oblige him and scoop up my belongings and move out of my seat, only to be stuck standing awkwardly in the aisle next to him for the next several minutes while we crawled up the hill to my stop.  Thanks guy.


    • Successfully putting the twins down for bed by myself.  This included dinner, bath, and bottles.  Lucas may have peed on the floor while I was changing his sister - causing Abbey to spend a few extra minutes with an arm sticking out of the neck-hole of her onesie - but I'm proud to announce both babies (and their favorite auntie) are alive.
    • When someone else picks out my outfit for me.  I really hate deciding what to wear each day.
    • Cherry-red toe nails. 
    • I've sleep trained myself, much like a baby.  I didn't realize how routinized I was until I had to go to bed at 5:30pm in order to prepare for my overnight shift at my new job.  I popped my heating pad into the microwave, pulled my blackout curtains closed tight, turned on my sound machine, and voila I was tired.  Praise Jesus.
    • SPRING SUNSHINE!  Spring is hands down my FAVORITE season of the year.


Ummm who you calling favorite auntie...? :P
nbrown said…
Emily, I assure you, I had nothing to do with the voting process. ;)
Carol J. Brown said…
I love your description about putting the twins down for the night. And I expect there will be comments from a few other aunties, wondering about this impartial voting process.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Our grandchildren are blessed to have so many favorite Aunties. And, they know it.