Happy Mother's Day!

It makes me laugh every time:


oh my goodness! I am so glad I didn't have any coffee in my mouth. That was SO funny!!!

I remembering feeling we needed family counseling by the time we got a picture of all 7 of us each year.

My favorite picture is still the one when Emily was a newborn and Vanessa wasn't yet two. We got to the studio and they said they couldn't take us for our appointment because something had come up. I just about lept over the counter and grabbed the guy by the collar and said "Listen, buster, you don't understand what it took for us to get here. Seriously, take the pictures NOW!" Emily is crying in every picture but we proceeded because Vanessa was on the verge and the rest of you looked pretty disgusted. At that point it could only go from bad to worse. But, like I said, it is still one of my favorite pictures because it was a real slice of life!
I love you.