Reasons I Love Living with Schuyler (and will miss him dearly next year):

1. He brings me mixers coated in chocolate peanut butter cookie dough - for breakfast.

2. Sometimes, he goes on these crazed cleaning sprees.  Kid you not, I walked in the other day to find him frantically scrubbing the KNOBS on the oven.

3. Not only does he cook for me at least once a week, but often he packages the left overs into lunch-size-ready-to-go tupperware, veggies included.

4. He gets angry at technology.  Frequently.  It's not even a little bit uncommon to hear him cursing at the TV or computer screen.  Makes me laugh.

5. He knows his way around Portland and the trimet system better than most people I know - INVALUABLE, given how clueless I am.

6. Anytime I begin making a meal and it ends up disastrous (this happens more often than you'd think), Schuyler pops his head into the kitchen and somehow saves the day.

7. When you're a grad student, living with another grad student is wonderful.  Neither one of us needs to explain ourselves for going to bed at 10:30.  On a Friday night.

8. Six words: triple-layer chocolate peanut butter cake.

9. We both share a love of red wine, a passion for recycling, an affinity for flossing, and a fascination with the netti pot.  Hygienic Hippies.

10. He shares the TV remote.  Even if it means watching Glee, What Not To Wear, and Sister Wives.

11. (updated THIS morning): He came to my room, knocked on my door, and informed me he had prepared a fresh mug of coffee for me.  Just because.

"Monkey Hugs" - this used to be our traditional greeting!
End-of-Training Banquet, RA style.
Schuyler's favorite picture of us.

Roommates = twins.  Schuyler designed these sweatshirts, btw.  It's my favorite one I own.

He hates this one, but I LOVE it.  :)  Doesn't he look nice in his new glasses??


Amanda said…
I TOTALLY want a roommate that makes me triple layer chocolate peanut butter cake. Hmmm, how to run this by Noah....
Vanessa's Dad said…
I GOT a roommate that bakes and cooks wonderful stuff.

The last photo is cute. You have matching mouths.

Carol J. Brown said…
I may have to consider something besides a cat for a roommate.