Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Attending Schuyler's induction ceremony into Phi Kappa Phi (a sophisticated, exclusive, invite-only honors society)... meanwhile, the Queer Resource Center is having a concert in the park blocks just outside the windows.  It was like my two worlds collided.
  • The 15-minute sunburn I received on my freshly exposed neck.  My first short-haircut casualty.
  • When my upstairs neighbors forget to turn off their alarm before getting in the shower... at 5:00am.  Seriously?  Do they EVER sleep?
  • The sour-smelling man with size 38 Double D breasts who squished into the seat next to me on the bus Monday morning.  How do I know the exact size of his breasts, you ask?  Well, because he spent the entire commute talking about them. 
  • Accidentally letting it slip to Schuyler that we have a bed bug outbreak at work.  Have had it since I started, actually.  Ooopsies.

  • The birthday flowers I got from work two weeks ago are currently sitting on my desk and still just as gorgeous as ever!
  • There is a children's fencing club that practices in the park outside my house.  So adorably impressive!
  • Mystery Birthday Packages from  Mad props to my baby sister for pulling off a truly  epic birthday surprise.
  • E-mailing my final process recording for my first year of grad school.  I did a legitimate happy dance after I clicked the send button. 
  • Lazy Susans.  Which remind me of the original 1968 version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours."  Specifically the scene where Lucille Ball is served a few too many screwdrivers by Henry Fonda's kids.  Ohhh  sweet childhood memories.  (PS If you haven't seen this version, I demand you watch it before the summer is over)


    I'm glad it provided you with a mystery!
    Kendra said…
    Love it. The original. Not the remake, not the same.
    Carol J. Brown said…
    So do the rest of us get to know what the surprise was?
    Speaking of "Yours, Mine, and Ours"....I kept that movie when I was sorting out for the benefit garage sale :)