Two very important questions.

1. Do you floss before or after brushing?

2. Do you use a top sheet?

Please respond asap.


Vanessa's Dad said…
U R so funny...

I floss before brushing.

I use top sheet and bottom sheet, and we wash them both weekly. :O)

you floss first so you can brush the "stuff" away.

I do use a top sheet ;)
Kendra said…
Floss first, like mom said, so you can brush the yuckies you just flossed out.

And yes, we always use a top sheet.
Amanda said…
I know I'm late and the survey results have already been talied, but just in case you still wanted to know.

Floss first, isn't flossing after brushing kinda like putting the primer on after you've just put the fresh coat of paint on the wall?!? Seems counterproductive to floss AFTER brushing....

And top sheet and bottom sheet and duvet cover. I like options for the level of warmth. I must must must have something on top of me when I sleep. But when it's hot then sometimes it's only just a sheet. And I like a duvet cover because comforters just get gross and it's really hard to wash large sizes ones. And we have two different weights duvets for winter season and a thinner one (purchased by my fabulous sisters!) that we use 10 months out of the year. But I have to be able to wash the cover every month or so or it drives me crazy.

And there we go, late, but way more than you asked for. Love you!