If I could have any type of accent...

... I would choose to be a Southern Belle.  I think their sweet sounding drawl is just to die for!  Plus, then I could justify carrying around a parasol umbrella as an accessory. 
Let's just pretend she's blonde... and carrying an umbrella, mmk?

  (slightly embarrassing side note: When I accidentally gave myself near third-degree sun burns after an ill fated day at the beach one summer, I contemplated bringing this fashion trend back.  Luckily for my friends who have to be seen with me, it didn't work.  I just don't think one can pull off the parasol without the ruffly dress)

Look!  I even found a book where I could learn everything I need to know about my new identity:
can you tell I'm avoiding homework?

How about you?  Which accent would YOU choose?


Amanda said…
Yeah, I have to agree with Aunt Carol- British. The British accent just sounds so proper and refined and intelligent. Although, South African is very similar with a more exotic edge to it because well, it's from Africa. :)
I agree with Aunt Carol. I much prefer a British accent to a Southern drawl!
Oh how I remember that sunburn!
Kendra said…
Australian. Good 'ay mate!
nbrown said…

I'll be sure to lie to Quinn and tell him you said New Zealander! :) And I can even get away with it too since he NEVER reads this blog. Mwahahaha.