Sushi Cupcakes!

So I have this new church and, well, I kind of love it.  I've been longing for Christian fellowship for awhile now.  When I first moved up here, I would still drive to Salem and attend my old (amazing) church there, with Joelle.  However, I found myself feeling pretty crummy every Sunday because I would hear about all the amazing opportunities to get involved in the church and in the community throughout the week, and I knew I couldn't do it.  I contemplated starting another Women's Bible Study group up here with a hodpodge of Christian friends from various churches - like I had done in Salem - but I was really really longing to belong to a church body.  I was downright desperate for Christian fellowship.

So when I found Door of Hope Church, I knew I had to get involved.  Quick.  How convenient that they had a "New to Door of Hope?" meeting my second Sunday there.  And then, even better, they were starting a new round of Community Groups just a few weeks after.

Of course I joined.  I even joined an all-girls group.  Instant fellowship, my friends.  Instant fellowship.

I am so blessed and convicted by this church.  I highly recommend you listen to one (or all) of the sermons on podcast.  HIGHLY.

Anyways, on to the title of this post: This week was my week to bring snacks for Community Group.  So what did I bring?
Funfetti cake mix
Cream cheese frosting
Shredded coconut
Swedish fish
Wrapped in a fruit roll -up



Carol J. Brown said…
Glad you found a church home in Portland. And the cupcakes look wonderful.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Sushi cupcakes look like they taste much better than they sound.

Glad you've found a local church that fits.


Amanda said…
Sushi cupcakes sound so gross, gross, yucky! However, I love Swedish fish, and I love coconut and I LOVE cupcakes so yeah, very cute and fun and yummy!

Glad you found a church that you feel welcome and enjoy and led by the Spirit.
nbrown said…
Wow, never knew I had so many sushi haters in my family...