Caffeine Addict?

I've been casually monitoring my Monday caffeine intake over the course of the school year.  My ex-roommate Brittany gave up on coffee last year and thereby had no use for her fancy shmancy, brews-right-into-your-travel-mug coffee maker, so she graciously gifted it to me.
 The positive of this is that I'm able to monitor my coffee drinking much easier than if I were to use a regular carafe-and-mug system.  The downside, as of late, is that it simply is not enough coffee for my poor, tired, caffeine-dependent system anymore.

You see, in September, I would brew my full travel mug of coffee (12 oz) and carry it with me to class all day.  By the end of the day, I often still had half a mug left.  Which was quite annoying, really, because it meant I had to constantly worry about whether or not the coffee was dripping into my backpack or onto my clothes while carrying it around.  Also, it was a bit wasteful.

Then, around December, I noticed I was taking advantage of the microwaves and mugs in the student lounge and reheating the second half of my coffee after lunch to get me through my last few hours of classes.  This was less wasteful, but meant I then had to hand-wash my borrowed mug after using it.

Now, it is February, and I have developed a habit of not only finishing my entire travel mug of coffee before noon, but also paying $1 to re-fill it at the student market after lunch.  I have yet to consume this entire second round of caffeine, thus repeating the annoyance of transporting it back home while worrying about it potentially spilling (especially tricky on the over-crowded bus).

If history is any indicator, I predict by the end of this term I just might be consuming two full travel-mugs of coffee each Monday.  Not great, but not horrible either.  However, my real concern is for next term, when my 8 hr class day transforms into a (drum roll please)... 12 hour class day.  I just may need to upgrade my travel mug to Big-Gulp size.


BreAnna said…
You did look really into your coffee cup Monday morning... ;) With 12 hour days you will need all the help you can get. They are rough! I personally bribe myself with M&Ms to make it through the last class of the day, but there are a few other 12 hour-ers who get coffee on the break. I can't imagine drinking caffeine that late at night but whatever works.
Carol J. Brown said…
Twelve hours?! That's awful! What in the world are they going to have you doing for 12 hours a day?
Vanessa's Dad said…
Coffee is OK, but everything in moderation. I recommend into look into getting enough sleep at night as another factor in staying awake during the day.