Vestidota Azul (Little Blue Dress)

As promised, here is a translated version of my class fairy tale. My students are so creative! I made a large class version of our story, but since I'm no artist, I used google images to come up with the pictures. Enjoy! :)

Little Blue Dress

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Blue Dress. Everyone called her that because she always wore a blue dress. One day, Little Blue Dress was walking through the forest to her grandma's house to get a blue scarf.

Unfortunately, she saw a large shadow and a Giant Ogre appeared in her path.
"Where are you going so quickly?" asked the Ogre.
"To my grandma's house because she's going to give me a blue scarf to match my blue dress," responded Little Blue Dress.
"Oh, what a beautiful dress! It's so shiny!" exclaimed the Ogre.
"Thank you. It's the most beautiful dress in the whole world!" Little Blue Dress smiled.

"Where does your grandma live?" asked the Ogre.
"In the heart of the forest," answered Little Blue Dress.

"You should walk slower so you don't get your dress dirty," advised the Ogre, because she was devising a plan to steal the blue dress.

"Thank you for the advice. From now on I will walk more slowly," responded Little Blue Dress.

But the Ogre ran to Grandma's house. She knocked on the door and yelled, "I came for the scarf! Little Blue Dress is sick!"
"Oh, poor little thing. Come in, please!" responded Grandma.

The Ogre grabbed Grandma with her hand and threw her in the closet with tape over her mouth before she could even scream! Then, she dressed herself in Grandma's clothes and got into the bed to wait for Little Blue Dress.

When Little Blue Dress arrived, she was surprised to see the door was left open.
"Grandma? It's me, Little Blue Dress. I came to get the blue scarf!" she sang.
"Oh of course, little one. Come in! The door is open!" said the Ogre.

When she entered the house, she saw the Ogre but she didn't know it was the Ogre.
"Grandma! How fat you are!" exlaimed Little Blue Dress.
"It's because you're always bringing me baskets of treats!" argued the Ogre.

"But, Grandma, how smelly you are!" exclaimed Little Blue Dress.
"It's because I'm sick and I haven't been able to bathe myself," responded the Ogre.
"But, Grandma, how green you are!"
"You don't like my make-up? It's new! Oh nevermind. Why is your dress so dirty? I can wash it for you," responded the Ogre.

"But Grandma, I don't have another dress to wear."
"Don't worry, I will loan you this one," responded the Ogre, holding up the ugliest dress ever.

Little Blue Dress said thank you, took the dress, and put it on. But it was a magic dress that made her fall asleep instantly!

The Ogre began to laugh evilly and she put on the blue dress. But it was much too small for her and she couldn't breathe! She died with out air.

At this time, a prince was passing through the forest. He was looking for his love using a gold earring she had left behind at the ball. He came across the house with the door wide open and decided to enter. He saw the dead ogre and Little Blue Dress asleep on the floor.

"What a strange place to sleep! Well, even though she's sleeping, I'm still going to try this earring to see if she's my love," said the prince.

So, he tried the earring on Little Blue dress and she woke up!
"Thank you for waking me! Please excuse my ugly dress. Give me a minute to change to my other dress," said Little Blue Dress.

She took her dress off the Ogre, opened the closet door to change, and found her Grandma!

She helped her escape, married the prince, and they all lived happily ever after.

The End!


Vanessa's Dad said…
Very fun and creative. You did great with your additional video presentation.

Your students are fortunate to have a teacher so caring and creative. You are changing lives.

Have a wonderful New Year.

Amanda said…
How wonderful! thanks for sharing.
KathyGale said…
that is the cutest remake of a fairy tale ive heard! :D