Compassion: a deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with the wish to relieve it.

I went to my PSU orientation yesterday, and my journey there was just horrible.  I called David bawling on the side of the street, cursing him for his poor directions (which were, in fact, excellent directions - I was just too blinded by my frustration to see it) and feeling like I was making 100% the wrong decision for my life.  I didn't belong there.  In his attempt to guide me in the right direction, he very simply stated "It's the tall building with a plaza in front."  To which my response was, "I'm in the middle of down town Portland.  They are ALL tall buildings."  The max came rushing past and I couldn't hear him anymore and I just knew that I would never make it in this city.

Once I realized I had been standing in front of the very building I was trying to find, brushed off my tears, and marched into that room... I was reaffirmed.  Of COURSE Satan wanted me to feel discouraged.  I have dedicated my future to  God's hands.  I entered the room right in the middle of round-robin introductions, which involved: your name, 3 words you would use to describe yourself, and your ultimate goal for your MSW.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I heard the word "compassionate" circle through that room.  And some of these people have the most tremendous goals.

Whether their motivation is from God or elsewhere, I know I will be spending the next two years of my life with a group of people as dedicated to changing the world as I am.

Our pastor today spoke on compassion and service, and the part that really got to me was, "If you feel like God's presence isn't as powerful in your life as it once was, maybe it's because Jesus has moved on."

He's drawing me straight out of my comfort zone and into His heart.


GREAT post! I remember my first day at PSU and being lost!) and I was FROM Portland.
I am excited for your future journey. It IS all about others and you are amazing at that....compassion!
I love you, mom
Vanessa's Dad said…
You'll do great. I'm glad you recognize the Spiritual Warfare involved. Sounds like you are where you should be surrounded by many Wonderful Folks. This will be very different for you... and stretch you... and it will be wonderful for you.

Kendra said…
In your defense, they ARE all tall buildings =)

So happy you are moving here. Can't wait to see more of you =)
Carol J. Brown said…
I lived in Portland for a year after college and remember getting out my map to figure out how to get from A to B, but eventually you DO get to wherever you set out - and it gets easier. Once you find a place to live and settle in, you're going to enjoy your two years in "the big city". And look how close to Powell's Books that you're going to be!
Love, Aunt Carol
Glad you made it and you feel like you belong :) God knew :)