Santa Picture Fail

A few weeks ago, Amanda and I took Cadence to go see Santa at a PTA event at her elementary school.  She wore her pretty little Christmas dress and let her momma style her hair.  The line wasn't too long, but just long enough to build up some anticipation.  She was pretty excited to see the Man in Red (or so we thought...).
However, once it was finally her turn to sit on Santa's lap, she morphed into this timid little creature who barely mustered the courage to present Santa with a little gift she brought him.
After all that waiting, though, we weren't leaving without a picture.  It took a lot of coaxing but between Amanda and I, we finally convinced her to do it.  And now I present you with the results:

Epic, right?

She refused to sit on his lap unless I joined her.  Also...where is her other leg?

Also...this year I had the random realization that Jesus grew up celebrating Hanukkah.  I know it's too late to do anything about it now, but just something to think about for next year...