One Year Later...

I wish I could say I spent my entire day reflecting and reminiscing and honoring the wonderful life that was taken from us 365 days ago, but the truth is: most of this day was like any other.  I groaned when my alarm went off this morning, I worked far too many hours, I came home and cleaned my entire apartment just so I could feel like I accomplished something visible today, and I soaked in the tub before snuggling back into my bed to write this blog.

But just when I started to feel guilty for not doing something more significant to commemorate this day, I remembered who my Grandpa really was.  He was the most hard-working, down-to-earth, practical man I knew. So while I'm sure he appreciates the hour I spent looking through old photos and laughing at his original hipster style, I imagine he is most grateful for the fact that I've continued living my life - even in the absence of his.

Missing you, sweet Grandpa.