The Great Exchange

With a heavy heart, I closed the short distance between myself and the communion table. I selected my tiny piece of bread from the basket and went to dip it into the cup - standard eucharist protocol.* Only tonight, I allowed it to linger in the juice just a few precious seconds longer. As I observed the dark liquid soaking into the holes of my meager cube of bread, the metaphor was not lost on me.

This is what Christ's blood does for us: it enters into the broken and empty places in our lives and replaces them with the sweetness of forgiveness, freedom, and redemption.

Circumstances may leave us feeling depleted and unwhole, but as Christians we have the privilege of soaking ourselves in His life-giving, healing, all-consuming, steadfast love and exchanging all our sorrows for joy.

What do you have to lose?

*Side note: can I call it "eucharist" if I'm not Catholic?  


Vanessa's Dad said…
Jesus would be OK with you calling Communion "eucharist" or "the Lord's Table" and He's the one who invited us. :)

Becky said…
LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!!!!! Praise Jesus!
Becky said…
LOOOOOVVVVEEE!!! Praise Jesus!