Happy Birthday Joelle!

Ummm can we take a minute and talk about this girl, please?

As a passive reader of my blog, I'm actually not so sure you have a choice on that one. Which is fine by me because I have a lot to say about my sweet best friend.

Today, we celebrate so much more than the ridiculously fun calendar date of 11/12/13.

Today, we celebrate 28 years of all things Joelle.

Joelle, who has the best childhood adventure stories. Ever.

Joelle, who burrows when she sleeps.

Joelle, who is small in stature, but huge in heart.

This girl will have a dance party with you any time, any where. She is particularly fond of Aqua's "In the Heat of the Night," Danity Kane's "Damaged," and this:

She isn't afraid to speak the truth, even when it hurts.

She is the only person I know who loves tradition and hand-written words more than me.

Joelle's faith is inspiring.  When God tells her to jump, she leaps.  This includes following His guidance to quit her job as a teacher, and then turning right back around and asking if she could volunteer her skills, heart, and service to the very same school as a leader of a Bible Club - which she invented.

She exudes creative joy.

Her humor is unparalleled.  She intricately designs short stories, weaving together cameos from all walks of her life and incorporating subtle truths within her made-up world of mystery, adventure, and detective work.

Joelle loves cupcakes, turquoise, naps, maps, books, typewriters, and tea parties.

She is the loveliest soul I've ever met.

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but somehow over the course of our friendship, she became an honorary member of the Brown family...and she didn't even complain about it.

Joelle is the kind of vegetarian who won't judge you for loving steak and eating it right in front of her.

In addition to sharing her secrets, her home, and her clothes; she also shares her Grandma's Never-Ending Christmas Mix and chocolate-peanut-butter-ritz cookies with me. (hint hint)

She is as brave as she is humble.

Her costumes are always memorable (and she doesn't only wear them on Halloween).

She loves me without question and understands my heart on a level I can't even fathom.

Joelle is the very definition of a best friend and I could not be more blessed to have her in my life.



Vanessa's Dad said…
You two bring out the best in each other.