Happy Birthday to the most joyful human on the face of this planet.

Grandma, your positivity is nothing short of inspirational.  I'm sure you have complaints, but I never hear you voice them. You take delight in some of life's simplest, most natural pleasures.  The world holds so much more whimsy and wonder when I see it through your eyes. For you, the trees outside your picture window aren't just landscaping, but rather your own personal "ballet troupe," swaying in a graceful performance that lasts throughout the seasons. Even the sights I've never personally seen hold a special degree of sacredness when I hear you describe them - east coast fall leaves so vibrant you have to close your eyes to take them all in, a man so desperately in love with you (Grandpa) he raced all throughout the streets after the Homecoming Game to find you, my father's childhood antics.

Your laughter is infectious.  Genuine, pure, and unhindered.

Your love for your family is precious.  You are a proud mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.  You know and care about the details of our lives.  You take the time to track down our most current addresses (no small feat when we move as often as I do), read our blogs, and listen to our hearts.  Your very presence is one of welcoming adoration for all who enter your home, no matter how noisy, squirmy, (perpetually) late, or unannounced.  How do you even do that?

I am sincerely in awe of you, Cool Grandma B., and pray that at least some of your awesomeness is genetic so I have a shot at being even half as cool as you are.

I love you!


What an ABSOLUTELY SPOT-ON-TRUE-message Natalie wrote.
I agree with everything.
I have never come into your presence and not been greeted with that big smile!

Vanessa's Dad said…
Very sweet. She is a source of joy for all of us.