I had another run-in with the copier today, but this time I thought ahead and brought back-up. Together, Maegan and I succesfully mastered the art of reducing large, teachers' copies of reading books to regular-paper size and photo-copied an entire lesson without a single glitch!

Nevermind the fact it took us at least fifteen minutes to do so, meanwhile the poor Instructional Assistant (who so kindly offered to take a break from her task in order to let us use the machine) was awkwardly standing behind us the whole time, I'm sure cursing us in her head. Hey, she's getting paid to stand there and get angry. We're just a couple of poor college students trying to get by.

Speaking of trying to get by: the price of gas went up ten cents in one night. Maegan pointed this out to me this morning as we began our journey into Salem. I pulled into the gas station, internally shaking my fist at the orange gas light in my dashboard, and was just about to voice my disgust at the $4.09/gallon price when she informed me that just last night she paid $3.99/gallon for her gas at the SAME station. Ayayay.

It's a sad day when $3.99/gallon is a steal. How do some people sleep at night?


Vanessa's Dad said…
I think Exxon posted a $40 BILLION profit last year. I'm glad you drive an economical car.

I'm glad your teaching/copying experience is improving. It's funny how copying affects so many area's of business/professional productivity. We all have our copier stories....
Amanda said…
Yeah, copiers are on thing that can really really put a kink in your daily office duties. Glad you triumphed!

Ugh, and now it's up to $4.25! Shesh. Our little 34 mpg Kia is starting to look better every day even if we do live in the freakin' desert and it doesn't have AC :)