I recently experienced a prophecy come true. It happened on Thursday at approximately 11:15 am. I walked into the office at my school, successfully entered my mentor teacher's copy code into the copy machine, properly aligned the pages from the student's journal I was attempting to copy, hit the big green circular "go" button..... and jammed the copier.

My roommate, who is a teacher in the Salem-Keizer district, warned me about these copiers. I've heard more than a few tales of woe as she has ferociously fought them all in the name of lesson plans. I've even seen the ink stains on her tiny hands - battle wounds. Apparently all the copy machines in the district are the same. So suffice it to say; I'd been warned.

And yet, as I stared at that incomprehensible error message on the tiny screen, I still could not believe it was really happening to me. My very first attempt at photo-copying anything for this school district, and it was a failure.

Luckily, an instructional assistant saw me in my sorrowful state and took pity on me. She whistled her secret whistle and a batch of oompa loompas came to the rescue and put the machine back in working order in no time (or maybe she just lifted a bunch of hidden latches, punched in some buttons, and somehow retrieved a crinkled up paper that had once been my copy... you decide).

In other news: WE HAVE KITTENS! :)


Amanda said…
Copy machine jams are such a pain. Hurray for great instructional assistant that came to your rescue. It always used to annoy me that the Bridge Officers were constantly jamming the copier on the bridge and leaving it for me. For some reason they were capable of driving a ship with 2000+ lives at stake, but finding the elusive piece of paper jamming the copier was just too much. When I got stuck I always delegated to the cadets. And don't even get me started about how many times they simply couldn't be bothered to put more paper in the color printer. Sheesh, do you think they could take a one minute break from their way overpaid "internet surfing time" of watch to simply add more paper when they see that it is low?! I always seemed encounter it being out of paper when I was rushing off to a meeting. Grr. Hopefully you will learn the ways of the district copiers. You're not a failure, obviously the machines are if their problems are so legendary! :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
Oompa Loompa's, indeed!

Looking forward to more news and photo's of kitten hints.