I wonder... where do all the lost socks go?

In the past week I have lost two socks! I am so careful to put them both in the washer. I do my best to transfer them safely to the dryer. But somewhere between their initial entry into the washer and the time I pull my clothes out of my laundry bin to fold and put away, they DISAPPEAR!

Are they lonely?

Is there some greedy sock monster hoarding them all?

And what exactly am I supposed to do with the lonely remaining half of what was once a perfectly good pair?


Vanessa's Dad said…
Sock Locks....

And, buy multiple pairs of the same socks.

Maybe that's just a guy thing.

Amanda said…
I'm kinda lame. I do the "guy thing" Dad was talking about. I only buy Hanes women's socks in like 6 packs so I never have to match them up (except for when they change their style and have like 4 various years work all in my sock bin, but still not a big deal when it comes to matching. Also, I wore a white Naval uniform for so many years that plain white socks were a must.

for you, dear sister with loads of personality and fashion sense, I suggest www.littlemissmatched.com I stumbled across these at a garage sale and bought them for Cadence. I LOVE them!! I should treat myself to a few fun pairs actually. All the socks come in "pairs" of three and are color coordinated and themed, but not matching. too fun!