feeling accomplished... kind of

Well, I finally tackled the beast that was edZapp.

Looking forward to an intense sense of accomplishment, I was surprised to discover that I have less than two weeks to complete an application to the M.S.W. program at PSU. Ironically enough, this application allows me the personalization I so desired in the last one, and yet it is the very open-ended nature of it that has me tugging my hair out in stress.

I've managed to deliver all my reference forms, acquire two official transcripts, and print off the application check list. The rest is really just on me. One resume, two applications (I have to be accepted to PSU before I can be accepted to the School of Social Work at PSU), and a three page essay to go.

Oh and did I mention that I need to create a 10 lesson work sample for this term as well?


Those of you who know my, ahem, unfortunate situation these past few weeks can perhaps offer me an extra dose of sympathy. I had looked forward to a productive weekend but instead spent most of it cleaning up a very much unwanted mess. Yikes.

To prevent this post from being full of complaints, I must say: I have a truly amazing family. You guys seriously rock my world. Oh and also, my roommate and I made sushi cupcakes the other night:

funfetti cake mix, cream cheese frosting, coconut shavings, and swedish fish, all wrapped in fruit-by-the-foot.

yes, i am wearing a tutu.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Of course, you are wearing a tu-tu.
Kendra said…
You moving up this way little sista????
Um...I'm sorta coveting your tutu.