I am terrible...

...at posting new blogs!

Winter term has officially begun. This week is pretty easy for me since I don't have to teach at all. I've actually been able to (gasp) SLEEP IN a few days. Glorious!

I figured out what I want to do with my life. Well... kind of. I'm going to pursue a master's in Social Work. From there, I feel like I'd like to work at one of three places (or perhaps all three): A Pregnancy Clinic (I would love to talk to young mothers about their options. I would especially love to be a teen-birthing coach), a Women's Shelter (I'm slowly but surely falling in love with the homeless... more about that later), or a Family Building Blocks (I love the idea of bringing families BACK TOGETHER and teaching parents how to appropriately and lovingly interact with their children). I feel good about this. I feel so good about this. I feel like I'm starting to get the peace I was looking for. I get all excited when I talk about it - my roommate says I'm glowing. The only problem now is that I'm so eager to start, I'm struggling with the motivation to finish out the Ed Program.

I know God brought me this far for a reason, though, and I'm a ridiculous over-achiever, so no worries about me dropping out. I will finish. And if all goes according to plan (which it rarely does, but still), in another 3 years I will have: a bachelor of arts in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, a minor in Spanish, an ESOL/bilingual endorsement, and a master's in Social Work. WHEW! And maybe, just maaaaybe, I'll finally be ready to enter into the "real world" (whatever that means).

(I used a lot of parentheses in this entry.)

This is me, slowly hatching out of my egg (chair - at IKEA). Exciting stuff, guys!



Kendra said…
Oh Natalie I am SO excited for you!! You will be GREAT at ANY and ALL of those things!!!!!!!!! I am so, so happy for you that you are getting some answers!
I can't wait to glean some advice from all your knowledge someday!!
Love you!
Amanda said…
Love the picture of you "hatching". And SUPER excited for the peace you have found over your decisions. We had a Social Worker in the NICU and she was very comforting, knowledgable and helpful. None of those career choices sound easy, but man they all sound so fulfilling. Truly out there doing God's word as opposed to just trying to make money for the bottom line. I always hated that my careers always centered around making some company lots of money instead of really helping people. Well at least as Concierge I got to help people have a special vaction, but what you are talking about is truly life changing! That's a lot of titles after your name on your degree. Little Miss Smarty Pants I have no doubt you will finish the Ed Program. Keep up that glow!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
U R sweet, and I'm excited that you are excited. God has a plan for each of us.