pigs fly

Or Swine Flu.

Today, I was told I have to leave Swegle and not return until Tuesday.

Because I'm being disciplined? No, no no.

Because I'm not working hard enough? Definitely not. (I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm working way harder than I should have to, but I agreed to it, so I'm currently practicing the art of perseverance).

No, I was asked to leave Swegle because one student from Western Oregon University might have swine flu. He might have it. And since I am technically still considered a student of said university, although I rarely-if-ever visit the campus anymore, I am potentially a carrier.

Yeah right.

The last time I was on campus was Wednesday night for approximately 10 minutes. That means I had all day Thursday and half of the day today to expose my students. What's the point of sending me home now? So, I stubbornly put my foot down and refused to leave. And then the office man (remember him, in the silky bathrobe and strange wig from pajama day?) had to come drag me out of the school like the bouncer at a very exclusive night club.

Juuuust kidding. I did, however, use my incredible sense of LOGIC and convince my supervisor to let me stay (note, I say my supervisor. Because the staff and faculty of Swegle could not care less if I bring the flu in or not. It's just WOU that is worried). I even sweet talked her into completing our scheduled formal observation.

BUT, I was only able to accomplish this feat because I agreed to not come on Monday. So I had to cancel my formal observation for Monday AND stay at Swegle until 6pm writing SUB PLANS and getting everything ready. The sub will be teaching one of my worksample lessons. Super.

Does anyone see the irony in this? Perhaps I haven't explained it yet: my mentor teacher is out on medical leave. In order to complete my credentials for the term, I must successfully "take over" the classroom for 15 days. Most student teachers have the luxury of checking in with their mentor teachers daily, receiving their pre-written lesson plans for the day, and then teaching. I, on the other hand, have been staying late every day at Swegle writing my own lesson plans for nearly four weeks. I've done all the planning, preparing, gathering, and grading. Like a real teacher. Only minus the salary and benefits.

But since I'm not technically a licensed teacher yet, the district had to hire a sub. So this woman (who is incredibly nice) is currently getting paid to do whatever random tasks I can come up with for her, such as stapling student worksheets together, while I do all the teaching. And yet, even though she's been in my classroom for over a week now, I still had to leave her DETAILED sub plans for Monday.

The inconvenience of this entire situation is incomprehensible.

All because some kid MAYBE has the swine flu and just happens to be one of the THOUSANDS of students at the university that I never visit anymore but am still technically registered as a student at... I can't go to work.


Kendra said…
HA! That is ridiculous!!!! I say go get a pedicure =)
"M" said…
I am sooo with you miss Natalie! I was sent home yesterday after lunch. Not because Harritt didn't want me there but because my principal asked that I follow WOU direction in case something did happen.

I was exposed to the virus on Wednesday night...however I was at school all day Thursday and half of yesterday. If I gave it to the kids, they already had it before I left at 1:15 yesterday.

You are awesome to have taken over for your mentor teacher. I give you major props for it. I did the same thing last term when my mentor was out having her tonsils removed. Only I couldn't be there full days because I had to sit through classes...still think my time was better spent in the classroom. It is a lot of work! WAY TO GO!

Just think of Monday as a good way to get all caught up on your work sample writing and as a mental health day so you are ready to finish of the term.