No I am not describing myself after my first full week of teaching... though I certainly still feel as though I am living in total survival mode. I'm actually talking about the reality show. MY FRIEND FROM HIGH SCHOOL IS ON THIS SEASON! His name is Brett Clouser and he is on the purple team (Galu). You should definitely watch it.

In other news... I'm hating life a little bit less every day. Definitely feeling your prayers and actually finally finding a voice for my own. Keep thinking of me, I need the support. When I get some time, I will update you more. LOVE YOU!


e.brown said…
Still praying for ya!!! And what night is survivor?
natalierochelle said…
Thursdays at 8. You missed the first episode but you can probably watch online! :)
Vanessa's Dad said…
What's "Survivor"? Just kidding. I think it's cool that you know a contestant. I'm still not likely to watch the show, but I'll follow the Weekend Highlights... kinda the way I watch football, too.

Really glad to hear you're hating your life a little less each day. I'm all about progress, not perfection, and this is progress.

I pray for you every day.

I like Survivor. I'll totally watch and look for your friend. Antonio will think that's beyond cool!