will never be able to give a child everything he or she needs...
but that doesn't mean they aren't giving everything they have.

My roommate pointed this out to me sometime last Spring, and it has always stuck with me. There is so much truth in those words. I'm giving everything I have to this job. Whether I succeed or fail, drown or soar, I can honestly say I tried my very best.

I'm still very much in need of prayer, encouragement, and support. Please don't give up on me... and I promise I won't give up on these kids.

And with that, here are some pictures of my classroom:
this bulletin board sits over by my desk area and now hosts a class birthday chart. each child created his or her own self-portrait to mark their special day.

my desk. note the yoga ball chair and the painting from my mom in Costa Rica. you can't really see it in this picture, but there is also an Angel of Celebration, a zebra pencil cup, and several pictures of family and friends. i'm surrounding myself with as much of "me" as i can in my attempt to not lose myself in all this stress.

add in 16 (sometimes) smiling beautiful brown faces and this is what i see most of the day.
yes, i said it. 16. don't be fooled though. we may be small, but we are mighty.

the library is my favorite part of the classroom. it's so organized and so cozy.

one final shot. this is what you see from the door looking in.

Lastly, I've been listening to this song on repeat for days now. I know God has a plan for me. I know it. None of this pain will go unredeemed.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Wow... I'm undone.

Your classroom is a place where grace is restored. You are an oasis... of hope. :)

Amanda said…
Blondie- your classroom looks wonderful. So bright and organized and an accepting welcoming place. Like Dad said, an oasis of hope. Perhaps the only bright spot in some of your students day. Give it your all, and let God do the rest. You ARE making a difference!

I read your post yesterday, but didn't listen to the song until this morning. Tears of pain and joy and hope at the lyrics "But when anything that's shattered is laid before the Lord Just watch and see It will not be unredeemed." There is so many shattered dreams and shattered hearts in my new family right now. So much heartache. Thank you for remdinding me to lay it before the Lord and we will be redeemed.
Kendra said…
Such a beautiful, beautiful song. I can not listen to it without tears streaming down my face.

This will not go undredeemed. None of it.