Count your Blessings

Earlier this week, I was having a "woe-is-me" day. Sometimes necessary, but really not ideal. So I decided to turn it around, follow that age-old advice, and count my blessings. Here's what I came up with:

• A cozy bedroom, with butter cream yellow walls
• A niece AND a nephew on the way: TWINS!
• Birthday cake for dessert
• Leftovers in the fridge
• Completed Chores
• A job that, although it stresses me out, does help me provide for myself
• An Earthly father who adores me and continues to lavish me with love and kindness
• A Heavenly father who loves and cherishes me, even though I am so unbelievably undeserving
• Laughter
• Fuzzy socks
• My special Mexico Blanket – a constant companion since I was a mere 12 years old
• Over 10 years of trials, heartbreaks, and changes that have molded me since the day I bought it
• Pictures
• Friends. Best friends. Friends I trust my life with.
• A mother who loves to pamper
• Bread bowls and chili
• Survivor night
• Feather beds
• Dried roses left from the happiest day of my best friend’s life
• Student loans – hey, at least I got an education!
• Muscles
• Dancing
• Four beautifully different and wonderfully compassionate sisters – the only women in the world who truly understand the changes we’ve gone through
• Zebra print book case
• Imagination
• Music
• People who believe in me
• Faith
• Love
• Boots
• Pennies
• A good book
• Orange juice
• The nicest neighbors on the face of the planet
• Black-out curtains, so I can actually sleep in on the weekends
• Nyquil
• Memories
• Pumpkin cranberry bread and holiday traditions


Vanessa's Dad said…
Aww... U R a blessing. I'm so delighted that you have the Gift of Gratitude... finding Joy in the Ordinary... seeing the Sacred in the Secular... choosing Love, Joy and Peace.

I love you.

Your Adoring Earthly Father
Kendra said…
I painted that bookcase with you!! That was fun!!!!! =) Dave and I feel so blessed that our twins were second on your list!!