parent-teacher conferences

***update, I am now in much better spirits after TWO surprise treats, including some energizing leg and foot cream AND a packed lunch for tomorrow-with birthday cake for dessert! :)

Every time I try to question my bilingual-ness, I remind myself that I interviewed in Spanish... twice... in front of two panels of interviewers. And they still hired me. So I must know what I'm doing... right?

I fake it enough for the kids. They kind of like it when I mess up because it makes me seem more real to them. They get to help me with my Spanish and I help them with their English.

But what about the PARENTS? Oh Lordy, what am I ever going to do with these parents?

Monday and Tuesday are both 12 hour work days filled with the joys of explaining the Elementary Progress Report to parents, many of whom have never even SEEN an EPR before, and informing them of why I'm concerned about their child's performance, what I think needs to be done to improve their child's performance, and how I hope they will help me in accomplishing these goals.

All in Spanish.

Oh and did I mention I woke up this morning with no voice?



Vanessa's Dad said…

Hola, Rosita. Que ahora est?
I shall be praying, as well!