My Week in Moments

The Joys of Domesticity
This week I tried out three new recipes, and all two of them ended up tasting delicious!  (Two out of three, not bad!)  I tend to be a wreck in the kitchen, but I'm learning... and slowly but surely I'm improving.  On Sunday night I tried out this easy chicken curry recipe... only I didn't have all the ingredients.  Instead of red curry powder, I could only find regular curry powder.  And instead of garam masala, I just ended up dumping MORE curry powder.  Turns out garam masala is a spice mixture with about a zillion different spices in it.  Whoops.  The curry ended up being pretty bland, but I forced myself to choke it down for lunch three days in a row.

For our Thursday night Bible Study I made parmesan crusted tilapia, and it was such a hit even my vegetarian roommate Joelle ate it!

Then today, I mastered the slow-cooker pork roast.  MMMM.  It's delicious.  Understandably, Joelle only enjoyed the potatoes, onions, and carrots on that one. :)

The only problem with my cooking is I tend to make enough to feed a family of 6 every time.  Then I'm stuck with leftovers for days.  I'm trying to remember to freeze things, but I'm not always great about it.  Someday I will have another person to cook for and it won't be so bad. :)

Classroom Treasures

Another third grade teacher and I have recently begun leveling our classes for math, and I am loving it.  Granted, I got the easy job: I get to teach the "high" (read: grade level) class.  In any case, on Thursday I was at my wits' end with these kiddos as they were not following directions, and I ended up dismissing them back to their regular room before everything was clean.  My students returned and were left with the task of putting our classroom back together and a very grouchy teacher.

Sweet Nancy* called me out on my mean disposition, and I apologized to the class, since it really was not their fault.  She smirked at me confidently, and we continued on with our next activity.  Afterward, I said something along the lines of, "Great job, guys!  I'm really proud of you!" and I glance over and see Nancy respond with "Yesss!  I knew we could do it!"  She wanted so badly for her teacher to smile again.  It was really tender and reminded me of just how sensitive these young hearts are.  I am a blessed woman indeed.
*Name has been changed 

Grading Day

Friday was grading day.  No students.  No meetings.  Nothing.  It was wonderful! I was able to input my grades by 10:20 in the morning and had the rest of the day to organize my file cabinet, a task I would have done otherwise, but this time I was paid to do it!  Yippee!


Kendra said…
That is so great you are able to talk to Q so much!!!!

And way to go on all the cooking...I am impressed! Don't you just love slow cooker roast? SO easy, and SO tasty!!!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
Kitchen skills are Life Skills, and not just for girls.

Cadence would be proud of you... Amanda, too. Amanda learned to love and appreciate having a kitchen when she lived so long on a cruise ship where she had no access to a kitchen.

Your students love you, and you have no way of knowing the impact you have on their lives, and the lives they touch. Only God knows, and I have this feeling that He is pleased.