Spring Break

Thus far it has been glorious!  Joelle and I were both shocked at just how long Sundays are!  Generally, the sabbath is our least favorite day of the week.  No offense to our Heavenly Father - we've finally found a new church home and we do enjoy worshiping Him in the morning (even with the evil cupcake, cookie, and muffin temptations we have to deal with every week).  No, it's everything that happens after church that causes us such great discontent.

Mainly the overwhelming sense of "oh shoot, tomorrow a whole new week of teaching begins and I HAVE NOTHING PREPARED!!"  Followed by groans, pouts, temper tantrums (on my part, Joelle is much more introverted in her stress), and then scrambling.  Often times in our classrooms.  We barely have enough time to make our lunch for the next day, shower, and get to bed, before exhaustion totally consumes us.

But this Sunday, whoa baby.  We got a taste of what the outside world enjoys on a weekly basis.  We.... relaxed! We were even so relaxed, we were productive and did our taxes.  The day just seemed to drag on and on.  It was GLORIOUS!

Who knew there were so many hours in one weekend?

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Kendra said…
And is there anything more wonderful then sleeping in a on a weekday?!?
Vanessa's Dad said…
Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and I'm getting better and better about honoring that.

Glad you are experiencing some Spring Break relaxation... that's what Spring Break is all about.

Joelle said…
Who knew church could be full of so many temptations?

Still can't believe we did our taxes that day and still had daylight to burn.

That mud pie was sinful and still in my mind.
the shoe-lover said…
You are a great writer !