Birthday Break

I'm still not ready to jump back into full blogging mode (though I have had a plethora of awkward moments over the past few weeks that I have been dying to share - no time, my friends, no time!), but I couldn't let today go unacknowledged.

It's my sister Amanda's birthday!  Yahoo!!  I don't know about your family, but in my family birthdays are a BIG DEAL!  

Unfortunately, Amanda lives a zillion 1035.38 miles (thank you mapquest) away, so I'm unable to bring her breakfast and a birthday serenade in bed, or even take her to the Waffle Window to celebrate (side note: when creating that link, I visited the site and learned the Waffle Window now does catering.  Hellooooo wedding reception!!!!)  Instead I did the next best thing and sent her a book from amazon.  Okay, not nearly as exciting, but at least it was gift-wrapped?

The majority of my Amanda-and-me photos are from childhood, which I do not have access to.  Instead, I have this picture, taken by Cadence, during one of Amanda's visits this summer:

Oh Amanda, there are so many things to thank you for, not least of which is my love of reading.  I remember countless trips (on the bus!) to the public library as a child, where you would help me pick out books as well as model a fascination with words on paper - so important to my development.  I see you passing that same love of reading on to your daughter, and I know - both as a teacher and as a fellow bookworm - how precious this gift is to her.

Thank you for always fostering so much creativity in others.  For your many amazing art projects and goodies that you so graciously mail to your family members.  For striving to stay connected to us via skype, blog, email, cellphone, and even snail mail.  I am amazed and impressed by your dedication to your family.

Cadence is so lucky to have you as her mommy.  And I am so lucky to have you as my sister.  I love you!

 ***Special thanks to my best friend, Kaitlynn Chritton, for her fabulous photography skills.


Carol J. Brown said…
What a sweet blog. What a good sister you are!!
Amanda said…
Thank you Blondie! I'm touched your took time from your break to celebrate my special day in such a loving thoughtful way.