Bloggy Break

I'm exhausted.  This whole "simplicity" thing is NOT working out as well as planned.  I thought if I juggled a few things around (aka, cut out sleep), I could handle it all.  My incessantly twitching left eye is telling me I was wrong.

I need to eliminate about half of daily activities in order to find some peace.  Most of those activities involve screen time.  E-mails, facebook, blogs, hulu, skype, text messages... it's getting to be too much.

Therefore, I'm taking a much needed blog break.  Sorry guys.  It needs to be done.


Kendra said…
That's exactly why I've never dove into FB. I KNOW I would love it. And I just can't handle another time-sucker in this season of my life.

Good for you!

But sad for us =(

We'll miss you!
Cool Grandma B said…
Everyone needsa to slow down erer so often. We will all wecome you back on the bog when you are ready.
Love Grandma B.