Since I deleted my Facebook for Lent, I realize you all haven't been able to see my darling Instagram photo uploads.  Tragic, I know.  But never fear, here's a quick post with some images of what I've been up to lately.  Note: these were all taken with my first-generation, hand-me-down iPhone so the quality is not always amazing, but it gets the job done.

1. Twin time (every Friday I get to hang out with my favorite almost-two-year-olds):
Luke wandered off from the nursery while I was changing Abbey's diaper.  He was surprisingly (read: suspiciously) quiet, so I tried to wrap up things with sister as quick as possible and hurried out to the living room to see what he was getting into.  This is what I found.  Precious, isn't it?

Fancy Footwear.
We got a rare, but blessed break from the rain one morning and took full advantage.  I bundled my little love bugs up in a million layers to go play with sidewalk chalk on the entry way.  Aren't their shoes adorable?
2. Best friend's baby shower.
Put a Bird On It.
For those of you who don't get the Portlandia reference, just know that this incredible cake was lovingly designed and made by Mrs. Fera-Thomas herself.  Thank God for talent.  Thank God for family connections.  Thank God for adorable cakes.
3. Bag pipes.
St. Patty's Day.
Went out to happy hour at McMenamins with some friends to celebrate St. Patty's and we were treated with this delightful surprise.
4. Arts and Crafts:
Cheer-up Bouquet.
My sweet niece crafted these lovely repurposed egg cartons into Spring flowers and mailed them from Vegas just to offer me a little mid-week cheer.  

5. Bible verses:
For Christmas, I got this amazing personalized scripture journal.  I absolutely love it.


Carol J. Brown said…
Three cheers for Cadence and her egg carton flowers (and to her mom for sending them to you).

Love, Aunt Carol
Vanessa's Dad said…
Wonderful blog. Loved the combination of photo's and text and five separate "chapters."

Happy Easter, darlin'

I love this post! AND I love YOU!