tomorrow morning

I leave for Peru!!!  I can't believe July 1st is finally here.

My flights are booked.  My bags are packed.  My finances are in order.  I'm really doing this.

I feel like the past few months of my life have been absolute, blessed madness.  I moved, I graduated, and I finally let go and took that massive leap of faith to follow Jesus.  And just as I predicted, just as He promised me, I am finding myself smack dab in the middle of the most miraculous love story with my Savior.

Everywhere I look, I'm surrounded by blessings.  Not 24 hours after I wrote my last blog post, publicly setting aside my fears and rededicating this trip to Jesus, I received a phone call from my pastor informing me the church would like to make up the deficit in my fundraising efforts.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Today, my sweet best friends arranged a little get-together so I could see some of my very favorite people one last time before I take off.  Already a wonderful blessing, I was even more blessed to receive the envelope filled with letters from my family and friends that she presented me with as I walked out the door.  Written words are my love language and those babies are coming with me to Peru.

Speaking of babies, I have been so amazingly blessed these past few weeks to live (ahem, rent free) with my sister, her husband, and my incredible niece and nephew.  I treasure every time I hear the words "see Nah-ii" followed by the sweet pitter patter of little footsteps running down the hall towards my room.
Wish I could take this little cutie (and her twin brother) with me.
Yesterday, we even got to Skype with my other niece in Vegas.  I was in Auntie Heaven.

Needless to say, my cup definitely runneth over these days.  There is no way I could ever thank you, or my Heavenly Father, enough for all the love, encouragement, support, and provision I have received as I prepare for this journey.  I am so blessed, and it is because of your blessings that I now go out into the world to (hopefully) bless others.

All my love,


Carol J. Brown said…
Hope your flight went well and your adventure got off to a great start.

Love, Aunt Carol