Wake up call

Is there any worse way to wake up than an hour after you are supposed to be somewhere, only to discover you've slept through two alarms, three phone calls, and a text message?

I rarely (read: maybe once a year...if that) oversleep - but when I do, I'm pretty epic about it.  I was an hour and a half late to baby-sitting this morning.

Thank God my sweet sister was more worried about my safety than furious over my irresponsibility.

Kendra, you are a blessing and a half.


Carol J. Brown said…
You must have needed those extra zzzz's.

Love, Aunt Carol
Kendra said…
Hahaha puh-lease!!! It happens!! You are always bailing us out of babysitting needs. And even if you just would have been late - we'd still be super grateful for you!!

But yes, thinking you were dead or kidnapped sure helped your cause...haha. I was just SO relieved you were ALIVE that I didn't give two $hit$ about being late!!!!!