I had a glorious weekend here in Peru!

Friday night was Ladies Night.  We kicked Nate, our solo male volunteer, out and hooked up the projector to watch a chick flick ("The Proposal" - so funny) on the "big screen" in one of our apartments.  Pretty plush.
Me, attempting to demonstrate how big our big screen really is.

Saturday, Nate, Michi, Christy, and myself took the July birthday kiddos to a large mall in town to celebrate.  It was so heartwarming watching little Jorge take everything in.  He's the newest kid to our orphanage.  A burn victim, his life was...well...more impoverished before he came to us (to put it lightly).  I'm fairly certain it was his first time ever riding on a micro, eating in a restaurant, and visiting such a large mall.  I am absolutely positive it was his first time riding the escalator.
Michi, Christy, Marita, myself, Consuelo 
Marita and I.
Nate and Jorge on the escalator.  Notice Jorge holding on for dear life. 
Of all the things there were to do at the mall, this was what the kids wanted to do the most.
Our little model, Consuelo.
Jorge was completely terrified to ride the escalator down.  We tried coaxing him forever before finally Consuelo was able to convince him by holding his hand.  I love the way these kids take care of one another.
Jorge enjoying his ice cream and a car ride (notice: in a "royce rolls")
The ultimate air hockey table.  This game was worth every cent of the two soles we paid for them to play. 
On the way home we decided to cram into a taxi rather than take the micro again.

Sunday, Christy, Andrea, and myself went to Huanchaco for the afternoon.  I just adore the beach.  Honestly, I can't put into words the way my heart feels when I have sand and frigid ocean water between my toes.  Despite the fact that I live in Oregon, I rarely take advantage of my proximity to the coast.  (I was supposed to go for my birthday this past year but my best friend decided to go into labor instead...ha)  Serving with so many volunteers from the mid-west has reminded me of how privileged I am to live less than 2 hours away from God's most magnificent creation.
This is what a micro looks like, btw.  And yes, that bus is in motion while that man is hanging out the door.  Often the bus takes off while he is still running to catch up.
Andrea and I on the emptiest micro I've ever seen in my life.
The pier!
Selecting a restaurant was a bit of an adventure as most of them have men like the one pictured below standing on the street hollering and attempting to persuade you to choose his restaurant over all the others. 
Supposedly, Northern Peruvian cooking is the best.  And ceviche is a specialty.  Like, world-renowned.  So, with exactly that much knowledge tucked in my back pocket, I blindly ordered it.  Did you know ceviche is really just a plate full of raw marine life soaked in lime juice??!?
"...local fishers are still using the very same narrow reed boats depicted on 2000-year-old Moche pottery.  Fishers ride these neatly crafted boats like seafaring cowboys, with their legs dangling on either side- which explains their nickname: caballitos de tortora (little reed horses).  The inhabitants of Huanchaco are among the few remaining people on the coast who know how to construct and use them." - Lonely Planet 
I was surprised at how cold the water was!  Reminded me of home! 
How blessed am I??
I couldn't contain my excitement for being at the beach, so I did cartwheels. 
Christy is the only person I know who might love the beach more than me.

After our lunch adventures, we wandered through town and poked around a few souvenir shops but left with nothing but full hearts and (mostly) full bellies.


Kendra said…
Ummm...although I too love the Ocean, I'd argue that Luke and Abbey might be God's greatest creation(s).

=) Wink wink =)

Love that you are having so much fun! and LOVE that you are sharing it with us!!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
U R blessed. The Pacific Ocean, sun, moon and stars. We are ONE.

Carol J. Brown said…
You are much braver than me. I want to KNOW what kind of food I'm ordering!

Sounds like you are having fun.

Love, Aunt Carol