I took some videos of my new home on my first full day here, but couldn't figure out how to upload them properly.  Turns out, no matter how I tried to do it, uploading videos just takes forever here.  So last night, I decided to let them upload overnight.  Hopefully these work okay and give you a better perspective of my life in Peru.  I apologize that I'm talking so quietly... I think I was embarrassed that maybe some of the other volunteers would hear me talking to myself, haha.

Here is a panoramic view from the roof of the volunteer building:

Here is the volunteer floor (where I live with a bunch of other Jesus loving hooligans):

Here is my room!  Isn't it beautiful?


Vanessa's Dad said…
Next best thing to being there. I especially liked the brief encounter with the other two volunteers.

Love both photos and video's, and also text of The Adventures of Natalie in Peru. :)

Carol J. Brown said…
Loved the tour! And your fellow volunteers looked like they were upbeat, happy, and welcome additions to your adventure.

Love, Aunt Carol
Loved the video of Shem's slide which was also included!
Looks like an amazing place. Where are the babies?