No School = PLAY DAY!

Friday was "El día de los maestros" (Teachers Day), so the kids didn't have school...again.  Luckily, the Psychology Interns planned some fun activities to keep them occupied for the morning.  They divided the entire orphanage (volunteers included) into three teams: Red, Green, and Blue.  The volunteers located some paint up on our floor and set the team spirit bar rather high.  The kids LOVED it.
Gabriel, myself, Christy, and Michi
Jose Luis (his nickname is pingüino: penguin) 
Yesica.  She is the baby of the house right now at 2.5 years old.
Pablo.  He is half of a set of identical twins!
We had various games, including the train game (try to pull the last "car" off the other team's train without breaking your own):

Rice Sack Races (rice is the government provided grain here at the orphanage, so we have no shortage of 100lb rice sacks):

Cuchara con limón (relay race balancing two lemons on spoons):

Mural, Pistola, Conejo (Wall, Pistol, Bunny... think: rock, paper, scissors):
Group Huddle (the entire team has to agree upon which option they are going to be)
On the count of three.  One...two...
three!  We won this round: pistol kills bunny.
Rompeglobos (this one was one of the funniest to watch - you have to transport a balloon to a chair and then break it, without using your hands.  One of the staff had the genius idea to stuff the balloon down the back of our kiddos shorts before they took off running, so all they had to do was sit down):

Egg hunt. There were 6 eggs of each team's color hidden on the grounds.  First team to find all their eggs wins.  I don't have any pictures of this one.

Wheel barrel races:

Some of the kids needed more help than others...
Afterwards, the kids crowded into la capilla (the chapel) to watch a movie.  We watched "Little Rascals," which was just as fun for me in Spanish as it is in English.  Made me miss Vanessa and Emily though - how many times did we watch that movie growing up???