Things That Make Me Irrationally Angry During My Commute (otherwiseknown as a long list of first-world problems)

  • improper use of turn signals
  • radio commercials
  • the horrifying squeal of protest my car often makes when accelerating (think Harry Potter "mandrakes")
  • trashy morning radio shows (War of the Roses? Really?)
  • improper use of turn signals
  • the giant construction zone that once used to be my neighborhood
  • haphazardly delineated school zones (when can I resume a normal speed?)
  • improper use of turn signals
  • the disgusting abundance of strip clubs located on/around 82nd*
  • Hummers (go ahead, destroy the environment why don'tcha)
  • speaking of improper use of turn signals...
    • pedestrians who walk excruciatingly slowly through cross walks when I clearly have my blinker on and am poised to turn (I'm waaaaaaaaiting)
    • jerks who don't switch on their left turn signals until the very last second, thereby trapping me behind them while I wait for traffic to clear to my right so I can switch lanes
    • people who trick me into braking for them at every intersection because they were too lazy/sleep-deprived/distracted by trashy morning radio shows to turn their blinkers off
Sigh.  Someone bring me coffee.

*mmk, maybe this one isn't really all that irrational. Seriously, Portland, get it together.


Carol J. Brown said…
Your blog has started out my day with a smile on my face. Thank you.

Love, Aunt Carol