1) I wish I could transfer the smattering of freckles from my shoulders onto the bridge of my nose.

2) My house is never so clean as when I'm procrastinating.

3) No matter how old I get, Beastie Boys will always take me right back to high school.

4) I love to eat, but hate to cook. (I will, however, wash dishes any day if you want to cook for me)

5) I absolutely despise being wet in my clothes.

6) The louder your muffler is, the more likely I am to think you are a complete tool.

7) Solitude recharges me.

8) There is absolutely no price tag or back story that can ever convince me that leather couches are actually comfortable. Who are we kidding here?  They may look fancy, but no one in their right mind actually enjoys sticking to their seat.*

*the same goes for car interiors...and clothing. Although if you bought me this jacket, I probably wouldn't complain.