Taped Together

I had a small surgical procedure on Wednesday. In true Brown Family Fashion, this is likely the first any of my relatives have heard about it. (whoops)

Since I wasn't put under general anesthesia or anything, I guess I didn't really think it was newsworthy (though I suppose the fact that I am now writing a blog about it makes me somewhat of a hypocrite).  

In any case, this post is not about my surgery...
...it's about the tape they used to cover my incision after the surgery.

In addition to this sticky clear bandage tape, my back is covered with blue kinesiology tape, which my chiropractor lovingly applied yesterday afternoon during a particularly painful session whereupon she attacked my lower back with steel weapons tools in an attempt to break up at least a decade's worth of scar tissue.

Just as I was beginning to feel like some sort of poorly assembled piƱata, I realized it had been 48 hours since my surgery, which meant I was officially approved to remove the bandage tape.  I figured the shower would be the least sticky most appropriate location for this kind of operation (no pun intended), so I gleefully naively stepped into the steam, completely unprepared for the contortionist experiment I was about to endure.

You see, while the kinesiology tape is technically water proof, it doesn't dry quickly. (At all.) As you may recall, I loathe being wet it my clothes, so it should come as no surprise that having sticky, wet adhesive all over my back is sheer torture a less-than-pleasant sensation for me.

So there I was in all my taped-up glory, awkwardly positioned, feebly attempting to avoid soaking my tape-covered back while also protect my freshly uncovered (or so I thought) incision site....only to peel away the the bandage tape and discover a layer of steri-strip tape previously hidden under folds of gauze.

Are you kidding me?

Apparently this is the new me. Not even thirty years old yet, and already requiring external support to hold me together.

Who knew growing up would be so much fun?


Vanessa's Dad said…
You are CoolGrandMaB's grand-daughter. She does not want to be a bother or worry to anyone, so she is loathe to share illness and surgery and the like... which, of course, only makes us worry more.