i really didn't mean to eat the chocolates from the box my student gave me for valentine's day.

i even left it in its plastic seal to prevent myself from being tempted.

when my roommate asked me if i had brought any food to class, she knew full well that i had. you see, i ALWAYS bring food to class. i've recently discovered i am a kinesthetic learner and i simply cannot concentrate unless i'm eating or drinking something (at this rate, i will most certainly be obese by the time i graduate from my master's program). however, rather than offering her my healthy snack (red peppers and string cheese), i grinned and held up the aforementioned box of chocolates. the PERFECT escape. if i simply give the chocolates AWAY, i run no risk of eating them myself.

imagine my disappointment when she declined my offer.

then dig a little deeper into your disappointment bucket because shortly after uttering the words, "you can have them, i'm seriously not going to eat any," what did i do?


tsk. tsk. i ate one right there in class, justifying it as a potential cure for the "caffeine headache" i was surely suffering from. i began eating another one just before typing this blog. it was as if my hand was separate from the rest of my body. i was completely unaware of what i was doing until i tasted the sugary sweetness in my mouth.

but, dear reader, you can stop shaking your head in disappointment now, because i threw the rest of that piece away (sabotage is my only effective dieting mechanism, i have no self control), and then rushed to my roommate's room to deposit the rest of the box.

whew. crisis averted.


Kendra said…
HA!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! I didn't even realize I HAD a disappointment bucket until I did in fact reach a little deeper into it upon following your instruction....crazy...=)
Vanessa's Dad said…
I don't get it. Chocolate is a health food.